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Our mission

The lofty mission and vision,

which Vibrance Senior Care (VSC) has established will be achieved through support and engagement of community members, and a knowledgeable, mission driven team. Additionally, the success of our efforts requires strong partnerships/collaborations with other agencies similarly concerned with the well being of seniors throughout our community. An example of such a collaboration which VSC is aligned with, is the Pikes Peak Elder Abuse Coalition. This community driven coalition coupled with VSC’s services is evidence that, 1) Elder abuse is present throughout our community, & 2) Organizations are concerned and actively working to eliminate all cases of elder abuse. With your help and the collective effort we can care for those in need. Specifically VSC’s goals will be accomplished through our multi-tiered programming which provide support for Victims of Elder Abuse, and Elders-at-large. All support given depends on the needs of each individual, and is tailored to fit their needs. Broadly speaking VSC aims to induce stability, confidence and autonomy of all program participants.

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