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The conceptualization of Vibrance Senior Care stems from Founder Gloria Horne’s early life experiences with the less than ideal care her grandmother was given in a long-term care facility. Gloria’s grandmother was in a facility where she was over-medicated and became discombobulated as a result. What was once a jovial and loving grandmother was transformed into something other. To see a seemingly unnecessary transformation was both confusing and disheartening. The grandmother which Gloria had grown to love and cherish was no longer present.

Unfortunately, this early experience was repeated in 2006 with Gloria’s mother-in-law. Again, the provision of care without taking the patient’s autonomy into account was palpable. Undergoing this psychological trauma again, solidified the foundation for what would become Vibrance Senior Care. It was also during this time period that Gloria became involved with the Area Agency on Aging. Which introduced her to a community of people who collectively aim to improve life for seniors.

The final stage which ensured the eventual creation of Vibrance Senior Care, resulted from a total loss for Gloria during the 2012 Waldo Canyon Fire. This traumatic experience of total loss introduced Gloria to a network of people. Who helped an entire community reestablish seemingly all aspects of life. For Gloria the charitable nature and environment generated during the catastrophe, solidified a need for her to do similar work. It became apparent to Gloria that she needed to dedicate her time and available resources to the improvement of lives of an often-overlooked group: Seniors.








About Us

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